10 Simple things to think about before arranging your next party!

1. First consider the date. Try to avoid long weekends and events such as Rugby League Grand finals or major sporting events.10 Party Tips

2. Don’t send out invites too far in advance. You will find that people either forget to answer or end up with multiple invites to other functions.

3. Make the time sensible… Too late and everyone will be so hungry that you won’t be able to feed them enough or it will be too early and they won’t be there on time.

A 7pm eating time is usually good, except for 18th and 21st where they are usually fashionably late. If you really need to have it early, go for finger food / Canape and if you need to eat late go for a buffet.

4. Pick a theme for your party as this helps people get excited about coming. You can keep it simple like making it black and white, your favourite colour, movie or decade. Even coming to the party as a sports hero or the like.

5. Make sure you have some music as this sets the mood at the party.

6. Always have a small amount of vegetarian food at your party as there is nothing more embarrassing than a hungry guest.

7. If you are trying to save money, then think about finger food for your party because you won’t need to hire tables or dinnerware. Finger food is generally eaten while mingling and just with a napkins or a small plate.

8. For a teenager’s party like an 18th birthday it is good to have someone who is not drinking alcohol in charge of the gate/door to ward off unwanted guests and advise your children not to advertise on social media.

9. Plan for bad weather. We never know when to expect rain.

10. Last of all enjoy!!!! So don’t get caught up in working the night away. Let us do it for you!

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